Top 5 Best Vaporizer Pens and are offering a limited time 10% discount to our exceptional customers. 

You can use code: CUSTOM10 for a 10% discount. As always be sure to check that the pen is compatible with your preferred material. 

To help you navigate the plethora of Vape Pen choices and make a smart purchase we've conducted a semi formal study and narrowed it down to the Top 5 Best Vape Pens currently on the market. To arrive at these conclusions we polled our customers for their real world feedback and tested each model for vapor quality, build quality, portability and value. Without further ado...


1. Kandy Pens Galaxy (4.7/5)

The KandyPens Galaxy is currently the best Vaporizer Pen on the market. Top notch build quality provides durability, portability and high end vapor production.  Incredible glossy finish that comes in both Black & Pink. Click the image for more info. 

2. Grizzly Honey Dab Pen (4.3/5)

Can't beat pricing for high end quality. It's incredible that this vape has a retail price of $39.95. Even cheaper with your custom discount code (CUSTOM10). All of the features of a high end unit but 1/2 the price. Can't beat it. 

3. KandyPens Gravity (4.2/5)

The big brother to the KandyPens Galaxy. Quality is on par but for the price conscious shopper we rate it slightly lower. This thing is rock solid in every measure of quality. 

4. QuickDraw 300 DLX  (4.0/5)

Concentrate, oils, dry herb. This pen is made for vapers who use it all. Simple attachements allow you to easily swap out materials on the go. While other vape pens specialize this unit manages to provide solid vapor quality for each material you might use. 

5. Linx Hypnos Zero (3.8/5)

One of the best tasting concentrate vapes on the market. Maybe not the biggest hitting but it produces incredible flavor. This is a unit that specializes in concentrates and delivers in a big way. Also more affordable than our other options. Check it out. 




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