Top 10 Best Vaporizers for Connoisseurs

Posted May 06 2013

In recent years vapor connoisseurs have delighted in the massive growth of well made, high quality and relatively inexpensive Vaporizers on the market. From the newest sleek and chic portable vaporizers to laboratory grade table top vaporizers, there's something for everyone on our list of the Top 10 Best Vaporizers for Connoisseurs.


10. VaporBlunt 2.0 (3 Reviews )

This swanky little Portable Vape from VaporBLUNT is a massive upgrade over the original model. Combine this beauty with the optional hydrotube and you have the sexiest portable vaporizer in the world with the added benefit of water filtration. Buy it Now and save an additional 5% with the Discount Code: TOP10


9. Vapir One 5.0 Vaporizer

The Vapir One 5.0 is a classic unit from industry pioneers. The odd ball shape of this handheld unit turns some users off but if you can look past the unconventional set-up what you get is the lowest priced whip and balloon bag herbal Vaporizer on the market. Not only does the Vapir One 5.0 offer dual draw methods and a down right cheap price point but it produces some of the finest quality vapor in the world. Buy it Now and save an additional 5% with the Discount Code: TOP10


8. Vapor Brothers Vaporizer

What's not to like about this classic herbal Vaporizer from the company that started it all - VaporBrothers. The Vapor Brothers Hands Free Vaporizer is the original box style vape virtually unchanged since it's debut in 1999. This unit is Made in the USA from the finest wood with all natural finishes. It also comes with an AromaBulb for filling your home with beautiful essential oil aromas. Each unit also includes a Limited Lifetime Warranty! Buy it Now and save an additional 5% with the Discount Code: TOP10


7. Vapir Rise Vaporizer (1 Review )

The all-new Vapir Rise burst onto the seen in the summer of 2013. It is a game changing, multi functional, vaporizer at a ridiculously low price point for what's you get. It's easy to use out of the box and it's fully functional with both dry blends, essential oils and waxy oils. There's no need to purchase additional parts or accessories to make the unit compatible with waxy oils; it already includes everything you need. Unreal! Great job Vapir - keep it up! Buy it Now before they come to their senses and raise the price!


6. Arizer Solo (4 Reviews )

The Arizer Solo Portable Vaporizer is an advanced herbal vaporizer that's compact enough to fit in your pocket. However, the real advantage for connoisseurs is the quality of the vapor the Solo produces. As rich, aromatic and flavorful as the Arizer Extreme Q with the advantage of portability. This is a great unit! Buy it Now and save an additional 5% with the Discount Code: TOP10


5. Magic Flight Launch Box (MFLB) (1 Review )

The Magic Flight company has amassed a large and devoted following by producing a simple and easy to use herbal Vaporizer that fits in the palm of your hand. MFLB Vaporizers are handcrafted in the USA using product sourced from natural materials and come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. No Vaporist will argue with that! Buy it Now and save an additional 5% with the Discount Code: TOP10


4. The Haze Vaporizer

The Haze Vaporizer is one of our favorite portable units because it produces flavorful and aromatic vapor while at the same time offering a first of it's kind dual bowl feature. Dry Herb or Wax? Why not take both with you? With the Haze Vaporizer you can do exactly that.  Buy it Now and save an additional 5% with the Discount Code: TOP10


3. Arizer Extreme Q (3 Reviews )

The Arizer Extreme Q 4.0 Vaporizer is a top ranked balloon bag AND whip style forced air unit. The Arizer EQ  Vaporizer features many of the functions of other vaporizers costing hundreds of dollars more. It produces rich, flavorful vapor in a matter of seconds. If you're in the market for a robust unit for using at home and sharing with friends this is a great option. Buy it Now and save an additional 5% with the Discount Code: TOP10


2. Volcano Classic & Volcano Digital  (3 Reviews )

Any vapor connoisseur will be thrilled with the Volcano Classic or Digital Vaporizer. These units are beautifully designed, highly efficient machines that produce bag after bag of rich, pure, aromatic vapor. The Volcano Vaporizers are quite simply the standard to which all other table top units are judged. Although you may think the price is a little steep, I have yet to meet an owner that has any regret in purchasing this unit. Buy the Classic Now and be the envy of your friends or Buy the Digital Now and be a king among men


1. AroMed Vaporizer (2 Reviews )

The AroMed Vaporizer is the definitive choice of hard core vaporists and medicinal users. Quite simply it produces the purest most favorful vapor in the world. Made in Germany the AroMed has a very function over form design that's because it does one thing very well - extract the natural ingredients from your herbs. In fact it extracts over 90% of the active ingredients providing for the most efficient use of your herbs. This is why we ranked it as our best vaporizer. Buy it Now and enjoy your herbs like never before.


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