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To celebrate the launch we decided to repurpose and combine our Vape Manufacturer Interview Series. In this post we have our interviews with Boundless Technology, Haze Vaporizers, VapeXhale and GrassHopper. 

The interviews in this post are from late 2016 and were originally published on our now defunct sister site Vaporizer Weekly. This turned out to be a great way to compare the current state of these companies with their own projections. You can expect more features like this in the future on the Vapor Town USA Blog. 

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 On to the interviews.... 

Boundless Technologies 

  • How long has Boundless Vapes been manufacturing Vaporizers?
  • Boundless Vapes released our first line of vaporizers, the CF and CFX, in January 2016. An exclusive first look at the CF and CFX was held at VapeCon International in Riverside, CA. Since then we have released the CF Hybrid Vaporizer, which is a 2-in-1 60 Watt box mod on one side and a flower/concentrate vaporizer on the other side, and plan on releasing our full convection unit, the CFV, in Fall’16.

  • How did it all start? (What do you want customers to know about your brand)
  • Boundless Vapes was started by a team of experienced vaporizer designers and users in Southern California. By applying hands on knowledge to the development of the vaporizers, Boundless was able to manufacture one of the most efficient and quickest heating vaporizers on the market. With over 6+ years of experience within the vaporizer industry, Boundless designed the CF and CFX with functionalities that aim for a comfortable user experience and relative ease of use. Boundless is very active in the vaporizer community forums, such as Fuckcombustion.com and Reddit.com/r/vaporents. We also host live streams to allow those in our community to interact with us personally and allows us to demo products, tease upcoming releases, and discuss matters in the vaporizer community with our peers.

  • Who is the CFX & CF Vaporizers for? What will they love about it?
  • The CFX and CF Vaporizers are for those looking for a portable method of vaporization, for a solo or group session. The chamber can hold about 1.0 gram of ground material but the user can still put as little as 0.1 grams and achieve an efficient and effective vapor. Those who have purchased the CF and CFX rave about the fast heat up time of around 15 seconds and are surprised at how efficient the material is vaped for a hybrid conduction/convection vaporizer. Recently released was a universal water pipe adapter for the CFX and CF, which allows the user to connect their vaporizer to any male or female 10/14/18mm water pipe, allowing for massive hits with little irritation on the throat or lungs.

  • Who is the CFX & CF Vaporizers NOT for? Why not?
  • The CFX and CF Vaporizers are not for those seeking to vape ejuice or 510 cartridges. The CFX and CF are intended for flower and concentrates.The CF Hybrid is for those seeking an ejuice/510 thread box mod. Also the CFX and CF are not for those seeking a full convection vaporizer, although the vapes are a hybrid of convection/conduction, the CFV will be full convection and offer a variety of chamber ring materials such as quartz and wood.

  • What challenges do manufacturers face that are specific to the vaporizer industry? How is Boundless Vape Technologies attacking these challenges?
  • Some challenges being faced are clones of the product.

    We have seen two clones so far and plan on addressing this is our next live stream. Although the shell may seem similar the internals of the clones are unregulated and may cause harmful chemicals to burn off from cheap materials. Also, with the exponential growth of technology comes the challenge of staying up to date with what the consumers want. Since Boundless has a presence in the community forums we are able to address these concerns in a timely fashion. One such example is upgrading our CF to include a battery meter and stealth mode function which came as a direct response from consumer’s comments.

  • What does the future hold for Boundless?
  • Boundless is continuing to develop and work with the community to release products that are efficient and reliable. We have been actively attending trade shows such as Champs, Big Show, TPE, and CannaCon. We plan on continuing this route as we have found this to be effective in developing relationships within our community. This coming Fall we plan on releasing the CFV, an unique full convection vaporizer with interchangeable chambers to allow the user to create their own unique vaping experience.

    Haze Vaporizers 
    Haze V3

  • How long has Haze Technologies been manufacturing Vaporizers?

    Haze Technologies was founded in 2013. After a year of research, testing and user feedback the Haze Dual V1 was released 4/20/2014. The Haze Dual is the first multi-chamber vaporizer to hit the market. It is compatible with wax, herb, and liquid making it an extremely versatile vaporizer in a small discreet package. Since its release, Haze Technologies has worked closely with fans and customers like yourself, to improve and develop the Haze Dual. The latest model, Haze Dual V3 features improvements in construction including a glass air path along with durable stainless steel parts (battery door and switch). We also adjusted temperature settings and reinvented the mouthpiece for easy removal or cleaning.

  • How did it all start? (What do you want customers to know about your brand)  
  • Haze Technologies was created from the lack of versatility in the existing vaporizer market. By listening to customer feedback, Haze Technologies saw the need for a multi compatible, dual chamber vaporizer and with this opportunity Haze Technologies was able to develop the Haze Dual along with new groundbreaking products to come.

  • Who are your Vaporizers for? What will they love about it?
  • The Haze Dual is a multipurpose device for anyone who enjoys vaporizering. Since it is compatible with all materials, the Haze Dual is not limited to a specific market or customer group. Its interchangeable batteries and power bank charger are great to keep the party going when out on an adventure when there is no wall outlet nearby. Haze Technologies released several other innovative accessories including the popular, material cans that are great for pre-packing materials and also the leather carry case to keep everything organized while on the go.

    In your opinion who your vaporizers NOT for (if anyone)? Why not?

    As stated above the Haze Dual can be applied to anyone who enjoys vaporizering. Although the Haze Dual may be a bit confusing in the beginning having many different accessories in the original kit, we are always happy to help our customers and there are plenty of reviews and resources online to get you “Hazing away” so to speak.

  • What makes Haze Technologies different from other vaporizer manufacturers?
  • Haze Technologies is different from other vaporizer manufacturers because we truly stand behind our products and are on a mission to revolutionize the vaporizer industry with innovative products and new technology. We pride ourselves in happy customers and are always listening for customer feedback on service, products or new ways to improve.

  • What challenges do manufacturers face that are specific to the vaporizer industry? How is Haze Technologies attacking these challenges?
  • The vaporizer industry is constantly changing from day to day. One of our biggest challenges is staying informed and keeping up with modern technology. New vaporizer products are being released daily making it difficult for many brands to remain unique. Haze Technologies is unique because we are the only vaporizer manufacturer with multi-chamber technology. Introducing the Haze Dual the first dual chamber vaporizer and now onto the development of the Haze Square a quad chamber vaporizer.

  • What does the future hold for Haze Technologies?
  • Haze Technologies plans to develop an entire vaporizer line. The Haze Dual was just the beginning; We are presently focusing our development efforts in convection heat technology and the production of the Haze Square. Once released, the Haze Square will be the first quad chamber vaporizer to hit the market.



  • VapeXhale has an interesting logo… What’s the story behind the Monkey King?

    The Monkey King is a Chinese folk hero who transports himself from place to place on his trusty cloud. He was derived from the Hindi god, Hanuman, the god of healing.  Although the Monkey King is sometimes mischievous, he is highly skilled and very crafty, always determined to prove his worth. Also, in the end, his heart of gold always shines through. We thought this was the perfect logo to symbolize what Vapexhale stands for: to be healthy, to laugh, and to maximize one’s potential.

  • How long has VapeXhale been manufacturing Vaporizers?

    The company was formed in 2010 and released its first prototype, “The Cloud” in 2012. We launched the current flagship “EVO” in late 2013 in the US and a European version in 2015.

  • How did it all start?

  • It all started when Seibo Shen, the founder and CEO, set out to develop a vaporizer that would deliver an amazing user experience without the harmful effects of combustion. He started a thread on a famous vaporizer forum to create the “world’s best vaporizer” and had over a million hits in the first year. The criteria was to build a vaporizer that was not only healthier to use, but produced superior taste and an incredible experience for the end user.  We asked vapor enthusiasts from all over the world what they wanted in a vaporizer and the consensus was that it had to have the following:

    • Deliver cool, tasty vapor (less popcorn flavor)
    • Produce extremely dense and potent vapor
    • Be extremely efficient with expensive herbal materials

    Based on this feedback, we developed the EVO (which stands for Extreme Vapor Output).The EVO was designed for those that want the best flavor, maximum potency, and the most efficient vapor production engine in the business. A true, no compromise product for the home. We hope you enjoy our products because we feel that we created a vaporizer for the people, by the people.

  • Who are your Vaporizers for? What will they love about it?

  • Our vaporizers are for those who want to have the absolute best experience with their medicine. Whether it is incredible flavor, big hits of potent vapor, or using the least amount of herbal material for the most enjoyment, the EVO delivers and works equally well for dry herbs and concentrates. For those who need their medicine, and need it fast, the EVO will deliver quick relief in the form of potent, flavorful vapor via an all glass air path. For those who are obsessed with the flavor profiles of their herbs & concentrates, there is nothing like a low temp vape through the EVO. Growers and extract experts love our device and often use it to showcase their own amazing products.

    Also, the EVO eliminates the need for a blow torch or a hot surface to “dab” from, so those who are just getting into concentrates can easily make the transition.  Conventional dabbing is like taking your concentrate to a frying pan, with the EVO, it is like putting it into a convection oven where you will have a gentler, more thorough and efficient extraction.

    Another great feature of our vaporizer is our “Hydratubes” which are water pipe attachments that sit on top of the EVO. These intricately blown glass Hydratubes create water infused vapor that provides the smoothest vapor experience possible. It is really an amazing experience.

  • In your opinion who your vaporizers NOT for (if anyone)? Why not?

  • Our vaporizers are not for those who don’t value the quality and taste of their herbs or concentrates. You wouldn’t cook a lobster in the microwave would you? So don’t charbroil your herbs and concentrates.  Also, seniors that have a hard time operating machinery with BOTH hands may experience some difficulty using our device.

  • What challenges do manufacturers face that are specific to the vaporizer industry? How is VapeXhale attacking these challenges?

  • One challenge vape manufacturers face is advertising through digital channels such as Google or Facebook. These channels, for some unexplained reason, categorize herbal devices as tobacco products which are prohibited from being advertised on these sites.  Vapexhale is all for for medicinal herbs, not cancer causing ones, so this is quite frustrating. Luckily, there are other digital channels opening up and we have a number of key influencers (i.e. publications, celebrities, events, etc) that have really helped us generate a buzz.

  • What does the future hold for VapeXhale Vaporizers?

    We are very excited about the future and new products in development. As a technology company that is committed to producing the best delivery systems on the market, we are investing heavily in research and development to expand our product line. We have a number of innovative products that we will be bringing to market, including a new digital EVO, our first portable vaporizer and a consumption tracking platform. Stay tuned!

    GrassHopper Vapes


    How long has Grasshopper been manufacturing vaporizers?

    Hopper Labs has been in business since 2013. We started to explore the idea of building a portable vaporizer that would be completely different from what was available at the time. We spent 9 months in our shop building the first prototype units and figuring out what type of manufacturing supply chain would be required for such an unconventional product. We ran a crowdfunding campaign in late 2013 to raise money for production. From there we have been continually working to build a better product at an ever-increasing rate.

    How did it all start? (What do you want customers to know about your brand?)

    Hopper Labs was founded with the intention to build a high-quality product that everyone could access. Building a functioning, portable vaporizer for dry flower, in the pen format, was not something that had been done before. We took that a few steps further with a 95% machined metal construction, a pure convection design, and a heating element more powerful than many desktop units. We hold ourselves to a standard most companies, offering a lifetime warranty and building each and every unit at an in-house facility here in the USA. These are the core values and founding concepts of our company.

    Who are your Vaporizers for? What will they love about it?

    Our units are truly designed for everyone. Grasshopper customers range from college students to 90-year-old medical patients. The Grasshopper is easy to operate and user-friendly. People understand it and get great results without having to draw at a certain speed or press too many buttons.

    If I had to pick one thing people love about the device it would be its incredible power and temperature accuracy. The heater technology allows us to take room temperature air to 420°F in less than 4mm of space. With that much power we can accurately control the temperature of the air entering the chamber if you draw slow or fast. Your herbs will never burn and you’ll get better extraction that any other device on the market.

    In your opinion, who are Vaporizers NOT for? Why not?

    The Grasshopper is not for the user who wants to session a single unit with bunch of friends. It’s a personal device, you put your mouth on it and we are trying to sell them at a price point people can afford. The extraction power is extreme, so short firm draws are its ideal operating conditions. You’ll be surprised by the delivery.

    What challenges do manufacturers face specific to the Vaporizer industry? How is Grasshopper attacking these challenges?

    The ridiculous proliferation of unsafe, made in China devices is wild. It’s important to know what materials and methods go into making a device. We avoid this by doing all the important parts in-house; even using contract manufacturing the USA is a risk we will not take. We also feel the pricing of units in the industry is downright predatory on customers. Our device costs 3-4x the cost to build as other manufacturers and yet we offer a substantially lower retail price. That’s the cost of doing things the right way.

    What does the future hold for Grasshopper Vaporizers?

    There is a big future for Hopper Labs, but it’s all about production of our current products right now. We have an incredible demand and people don’t realize that we are doing all the work by hand here in the US. This takes time and we are increasing the production rate each day, but for us sending out products we are proud of is more important than everything else. This is a philosophy that might not be the best short-term strategy but it’s what is important to us.


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