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About VaporTownUSA.com

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Thanks for visiting! We're a small company that launched in 2012 to serve vapor and aromatherapy enthusiasts. Unlike big online stores and head shops that carry everything under the sun, we focus 100% on Vaporizers - with a special emphasis on Vape Pens and Portable Vaporizers for the user on the go! Most importantly we only stock the best Vaporizers on the market and we stand behind every product we sell so you can be sure when you invest in a Vaporizer from VaporTownUSA.com you're getting tried, tested and true products. We know the leading brands (such as Arizer, Volcano, Magic Flight, Atmos and DaVinci) inside and out and can answer your specific questions to help you select the perfect Vaporizer for your needs. 
Our Team
The VaporTownUSA.com team is made up of a few dedicated people who love vapor culture, meditation and aromatherapy. We're a small company with just a handful of staff, and if you end up emailing or calling you'll likely be chatting with one us:
Our Promise to You
If we're lucky enough to earn your business, we'll make sure you receive the professional, prompt and expert service you deserve. As an added dose of confidence, in the unlikely event something goes wrong with your order or shipment, we'll work to resolve any problems as quickly as possible at no cost to you.  We want you to be happy with the service you receive, and will do whatever we can to ensure that's the case, that's our promise to you!

Find the right vaporizer. Vape websites are a dime a dozen these days. Not only do you want to buy a vaporizer from a reputable online vape store but you want to buy vapes that fit your needs and budget. This guide will help you do just that. 

If you know what you want use the quick links below to get started. 

Vape Pens

Portable Vapes

Desktop Vapes

If you're new to shopping for vapes online then the rest of this guide is for you. We'll be sure to provide plenty of quick links to more in-depth guides so you can browse at your convenience. By the end of this guide you'll be able to find vapes for sale and feel confident that you are buying from a reputable online vapor store. 

Online Vape Stores  

When buying from an online vape shop be 100% sure you're buying from an authorized retailer. Look out for sites selling Chinese knock-offs or name brands at steep discounts. Most of these sites will not be able to honor manufacturer warranties or provide customer service beyond the initial purchase. 

Vapor Town USA is an authorized retailer of all of the brands that we carry. We work closely with vaporizer manufacturers and distributors to ensure we're the online vape store that you choose. This means we offer full manufacturer warranties and work with you even after you buy your vape. 

You can always email us at info@vaportownusa.com or give us a call at 888-986-7859.

Look for vape websites that offer video product reviews, multiple high quality pictures and in depth product descriptions. This shows a deep understanding of the product. Many fly-by-night retailers will use stock images and manufacturer descriptions of products.

Another good sign that you're dealing with a reputable online vape store is their blog. Retailers should be information sources for their customers. Buying vapes online shouldn't be a shot in the dark. Blogs a great way for retailers to showcase their expertise within the vape industry. 

Check out our blog here

Buy Vapes Online 

The next step is choosing the right vaporizer for you. 

What to consider? 

There are three basic categories of vaporizer and three basic materials (substances) that these vaporizers work with. 

The categories are... Vape Pens, Portable Vaporizers & Tabletop Vaporizers. 

Vape Pens - Vape pens are exactly what they sound like. Vapes that are styled like pens. These are highly mobile and increasingly effective vaporizers. Most vape pens work with concentrates or oils, although there are a few exceptions. We'll have more info on the different materials below. 

Portable Vaporizers - These vaporizers are slightly larger than vape pens but still highly portable (hence the name). They can work with dry herb, oil or concentrates. 

Tabletop Vaporizers - These vapes will sit on a table or desk. They're commonly referred to as tabletop or desktop vaporizers. They'll be larger in size than they're portable & pen counterparts. The idea is that by building bigger units manufacturers are able to provide the best vaping experience imaginable. Tabletop vaporizers are also great for using in groups. 


Buying a vape online only to receive it and realize that you ordered a vape that doesn't work with your desired material is a common occurrence. Be sure to read the product descriptions carefully. Doing this will ensure you avoid the number 1 issue with buying vapes online. 

Here are the three most common types of vaping material. 

Note: Although we have vapes for sale you will not find an online vape store that will carry an illicit or illegal substances. This vape website (Vapor Town USA) only sells vaporizers for aromatherapy purposes. 

Dry Herb - A very common substance to vape. Dry Herbs are most commonly vaped with Desktop and Portable vapes. That said, many vape pen manufacturers are developing pens that you can buy that work with dry herb. 

Oil - Essential oils are a very commons material. To buy vapes that work with essential oils check the description of each vape pen & portable vape. Many desktop units work with essential oils as well. 

Concentrates or Wax - Wax is very popular with vape pens and portable units. Be sure to read the description of your preferred online vape shop to determine which vaporizers work with wax. 

Those are the basics of buying vapes through and online vape store. 

Below are a few of the top brands that we carry in each category. 

Vape Pens 

KandyPens Galaxy 


Portable Vapes

Pax 3

DaVinci IQ 

Tabletop Vapes

Arizer Extreme Q

Volcano Vaporizer 

So there it is. Hopefully this guide gives you the confidence to make an informed decision when looking for vapes online.