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Arizer V Tower vs Arizer Extreme Q

Both are excellent units and nearly identical in terms of build quality and components, however there are still some significant difference you should be aware of:


Forced Air Fan:

  • V Tower - NO
  • Extreme Q - YES
Why should you care? Forced air provides the most efficient way to vaporize saving you money on herbs. Having used both the V Tower and Extreme Q I've found that you will negate the initial price difference in 3-6 months of use from the Herb savings you experience.

Remote control:

  • V Tower - NO
  • Extreme Q - YES
Why should you care? It allows you to move about your house while controlling the unit. It also allows you to sit back and relax while the balloon bag fills up. With the V Tower you need to pay more attention to the unit limiting your relaxation. It also provides a cool factor for impressing your friends.

Dual Balloon Bag and Whip Draw Hose:

  • V Tower - Whip ONLY
  • Extreme Q - Balloon Bag and Whip
Why should you care? It's a matter of preference but if you will be sharing your unit with friends it is far more convenient to pass around a balloon bag than to have each friend come over to the unit to draw from a whip. If you will only be using the unit for yourself than the whip only style of the V Tower may work for you and you can save yourself a few bucks.


Both models are excellent performers producing rich aromatic vapor. If you plan on vaporizing with friends and you want the ultimate in convenience and relaxation I would strongly suggest the Extreme Q for it's Balloon Bags, Remote Control and Forced Air System. If you will be vaporizing by yourself more often (or with 1 friend) and yo like whip style vape's than the V Tower is a great choice.