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Vaporizer Savings Chart

This page is all about showing you how much money you can SAVE by investing in a Vaporizer.
Okay, first things first, we all know that combusting herbs, such as when you use a pipe, blunt or papers, is just plain bad for your health. Imagine how much your lungs will appreciate a switch to pure vapor. If you decide to invest in a vaporizer, even if you only use it 50% of the time, you will be doing a great service for your overall health and your lungs will thank-you. But beyond your health there's another significant reason to switch and that's to save your hard earned cash! You might be wondering how investing in a $150+ vaporizer can actually save you cash. Let me explain…
When you combust your plants your money is literally going up in smoke as your herbs and the active ingredients are lost into thin air. It is a highly inefficient way to ingest your herbs. Vaporizers on the other hand use gentle low heat to extract the active ingredients in your herbs without combustion. Efficiency is the key. In our experience a heavy user will require a minimum of 30% less herbs to achieve the same effect as combustion. Our findings were recently backed up by academic studies (vindication!). Using simple math that equates to a savings of just over 1 gram for every 1/8 ounce (or 8.5 grams for every ounce). Depending on your level of use you can calculate the payback period on your vaporizer investment.
We've created the handy chart below for quick reference. Your results may vary but this gives a good baseline of what to expect. Also, it's very important to keep your machine running optimally by changing the screens on a regular basis and generally taking care of your investment. If you do this you may find you achieve savings well beyond what we've listed. Based on an average expenditure of $100 / month on herbs:
Return On Vaporizer Chart | Infographics
Take the Arizer Extreme Q as an example, within 8 months you've reached your payback period, paying for the unit through savings in herbs. Voila! Everyday of use beyond the payback period equates to money staying in your pocket!