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Vaporizer Health Benefits

The health benefits of Vaporizing are numerous and have been proven in several high profile scientific studies. 


The key difference that makes Vaporizers so much more healthy is that vapor contains only the aromatic active ingredients of the herb, plant, oil or concentrate. You are NOT receiving any of the toxic particulates that are created through combustion (the burning process of traditional smoking.) 


Vaporizers work by gently heating plant materials to an optimal temperature (usually between 350 and 375 degrees farnheit - far less than the 1000+ degree temperatures used in traditional smoking) which releases the plants active compounds and enhances the plants aromatics and flavors. Vaporizers are also used with essential oils for aromatherapy. This type of aromatherapy fills your house with natural scents that are far healthier than the chemical laden plug-in scents that are so common in today's households.


To realize the benefits of a Vaporizer the best thing you can do is buy one for yourself and experience this healthier alternative. Our Top 10 Vaporizers page is an excellent place to begin your search.