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Volcano Solid Valve vs Easy Valve

Solid Valve Advantages

  • Durable construction of stainless steel and heat resistant plastics
  • Flexibility. The Bags come in one 3 meter roll which you cut and assemble into your preferred sizes, therefore, you can create bags for everyday use (4-5 draws per bag) and bags for parties when there will be multiple people partaking (10+ draws per bag)
  • When your Balloon Bags needs replacing (after approximately 100 uses) you don't need to replace the components like the herb filling chamber, mouthpiece, etc but rather just purchase extra balloon material which is fairly cost effective

Solid Valve Disadvantages

  • Some assembly required, each bag is custom made and assembled by you
  • Cleaning of the components is required

Easy Valve Advantages

  • Convenience. The Easy Valve is designed to be completely maintenance free. When you're done with the balloon bag (after approximately 100 uses) you just toss it out and replace with a new bag. This is a huge advantage.
  • Balloon Bags are pre built in a convenient 4-6 draw/bag size which is good for everyday use
  • The Easy Valve Starter set comes with 5 Easy Valve balloons and the appropriate filling chamber (approximately 500 uses before you'll need to replace)

Easy Valve Disadvantages

  • More expensive over the long term
  • Lack of flexibility with the balloon bag size. Personally, I've always found the Easy Valve Balloon Bag size to be perfect but if you regularly vape with multiple people than the Solid Valve might make more sense