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Atmos Boss Kit Vaporizer

Atmos Boss Kit Vaporizer

$169.99 $159.95
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The Atmos Boss Kit, designed by Atmos Nation, is a superior pen vaporizer made to function specifically with dry herbs. It is crafted from stainless steel, with futuristic designs etched into the sides. It is discrete and produces quality vapor with every draw.


  • Strong vapor production
  • Lithium ion battery power
  • Repeceable parts
  • 510 threading


The Atmos Boss is approximately 6.5 inches in length, when fully assembled.

What materials are compatible with the Boss Kit?-

The Boss is made to be compatible with dry herbs.

What is included with the Boss Kit?-

  • 1x lithium ion battery
  • 1x heating chamber
  • 1x chamber connector
  • 1x ceramic filter
  • 1x mesh filter
  • 1x rubber mouthpiece
  • 1x packing tool
  • 1x cleaning brush
  • 1x wall adapter
  • 1x cordless USB charger
  • 1x user manual