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Atmos Bullet Vaporizer Pen

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Atmos Vaporizers

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The Atmos Bullet-2-Go is one of the smallest and most affordable all-in-one vape pens in the world. It's capable of vaporizing dried herbs and concentrates. With a price point below $40 it is a strong contender for best value vape pen on the market. Keep in mind, for use with dry herbs, there are much better options.

The Atmos Bullet-2-Go features a wickless ceramic heating chamber that enhances your vaporizing experience. Its compact design make it very discreet and perfect for quick hits on the move. Just load the unit, press the button and your ready to go.


Atmos Bullet-2-Go Vaporizer Features:

  • Use with both herbs and concentrates
  • Super fast heat up time - just press the button and you're ready to rock in under 10 seconds
  • Extremely portable design (about the diameter of a cigarette and twice the length)
  • Simple one touch operation
  • 1 Year manufacturer's warranty on the heating element


Atmos Bullet-2-Go Kit includes:
  • 1 x Bullet-2-Go Vaporizer Body
  • 1 x Lithium Ion Battery
  • 1 x Bullet-2-Go Universal Cartridge (suitable for herbs and waxy oils)
  • 1 x Wireless USB Charger
  • 1 x User Manual


Atmos Bullet Vaporizer Dimensions:

  • •0.275" inches in diameter
  • 4.5" inches in length


Atmos Bullet FAQ's:

Question: Can you use the same cartridge for herbs and concentrates?

Answer: Yes. However, if you're going to be switching back and forth often we recommend purchasing an additional cartridge for maximum performance and longevity.

Question: Is the Oil Chamber included in the Bullet-2-Go Kit?

Answer: Yes. The Bullet-2-Go chamber that comes in the Kit is designed specifically for use with herbs and waxy oils/concentrates.

Question: How big is the Bullet-2-Go

Answer: It is approximately 0.275" in diameter x 4.5" in length. That equates to about the diameter of a cigarette and twice the length.