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DaVinci IQ Vaporizer



Techies rejoice. 

$250 - $300


Techies rejoice. 

The IQ is the latest portable offering from Da Vinci and their first since release since the debut of the Ascent. While the Ascent can be credited with bringing masses of satisfied new consumers to the portable vaporizer market, the Da Vinci IQ looks bring the vaporizer market up to speed in the world of smart devices. In an age of smart phones, drones and electric cars the IQ might just be the smartest device in your pocket. The IQ syncs with a smartphone app via bluetooth to provide precise and absolute remote control. Precision control, standby mode or boost mode and featuring a four unique smartpath temperature settings the IQ is the most innovative portable vaporizer on the market.

And we haven‰۪t even mentioned the vapor quality yet. Thick, full draws produced by what may be the most portable premium vaporizer on the market. The IQ only weighs 5 oz, 3.54 tall, 1.65 wide and heats up in 16 seconds. With a smaller form factor the IQ produces higher quality vapor than it‰۪s rivals and it‰۪s all controlled from your smartphone. The IQ is a testament not only to how far Da Vinci has come but to how far the vaporizer industry has come. No more sacrificing design for quality or vice versa. With the IQ you can you can expect a premium vapor experience from an inconspicuous device that could fool even the most season vapers.

Da Vinci prides the IQ on it‰۪s level of vapor purity. The IQ‰۪s mouthpiece is constructed out of 100% ceramic zirconium providing easy draws of only the purest vapor. Utilize the app to choose from smart path mode, precision mode or boost mode. Whatever you choose you can be sure that you are receiving a world class, individual vapor experience.


We should also mention the 10 year warranty. Incredibly service from a manufacturer dedicated to delivering a top of the line experience.


51 LED lights on the front of the IQ act as a beacon of premium design and attention to detail. The LEDs highlight the smooth, sleek and discreet finish that allows the IQ to stand head and shoulders above any other portable vaporizer. It's not all looks with the IQ. You'll also receive a rechargeable and replaceable 18650 battery that delivers up to 1.5 hours of intense (or relaxing) usage time.

The IQ comes in four unique colors. Blue, Copper, Gunmetal and Stealth.


Included with your IQ is a USB charging cable, Alcohol Wipes, Chimney Brush, Herb Funnel and Adapter.

Who It's For


Calling All Techies

While the IQ is suitable for both beginners and more experienced vape enthusiasts, it is clearly designed with the modern vaper in mind. The use of the smartphone app to control the IQ is a feature that any techie will love. That said, the tech designed around the IQ only makes the vaping experience simpler and easier to enjoy. There is almost no learning curve with this unit.

Accessories include car adapters, keychain, extra USB cords as well as water adapters to further customize your experience. 


The IQ (original ship date of October 31st) comes at a price of $274.99. This is right in line with other offerings of 2016 (Pax/Firefly latest) in the sub $300 range. That said, many customers believe this unit has superior vapor quality and it's smart features are unparalleled. Many reviewers even put the IQ ahead of the Crafty and Mighty by Storz & Bickel (both of which have prices over $300).


Using ceramic zirconium components allows the IQ to be relatively maintenance free. The provided alcohol wipes will be all you need to keep the IQ looking and working fresh.