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Micro Vaped Glass

Micro Vaped Glass

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Designed by a company called Vaped that is based out of California, the Micro Vaped Glass Globe Edition vaporizer Version 2 is a very small and discreet portable pen vaporizer. It is slightly bigger than a traditional butane lighter, and is crafted out of quality, durable materials. It is available in black, gold, and teal.


  • Pyrex glass globe
  • One-button activation
  • Portable and discreet
  • 510 threaded


The Micro Vaped Glass Globe Version 2 is approximately 4 inches in length.

What materials are compatible with the Micro Vaped Glass Globe?-

The Micro Vaped Glass Globe Version 2 is compatible with essential oils and waxy concentrates.

What is included with the Micro Vaped Glass Globe?-

  • 1x micro battery
  • 1x glass globe attachment
  • 1x dabber tool
  • 1x USB charger
  • 1x carrying case
  • 1x instruction manual


Vaped provides a 1 year manufactures warranty on their products. This covers any manufacturer defects or damages. The warranty does not cover cartridges, misuse, abuse, or any accidental damage. You must register your product on the manufacturers website to be eligible for the warranty. The warranty will be void if you do not register the product within 21 days, beginning from the date of purchase.

How it Works-

After the unit is completely charges, screw the cartridge onto the battery. Drip in your desired material using the dab tool. Be careful not to completely saturate the coil.Press the power button five times rapidly to activate the pen. Simultaneously inhale while pressing the power button to achieve your desired vapor.

Cleaning and Maintenance-

Never get the battery wet.åUnscrew the cartridge from the battery, and clean the globe with a damp cotton swab and rubbing alcohol.